Our Vision

Children spend a lot of time playing games, watching youtube for entertainment. But when it comes to learning, they do not feel excited to go to school. The Tech Academy’s solution- gamified classroom model addresses the learning crisis and mixes fun and learning to motivate students to learn fast. Gamified learning tactics lead to better educational experiences and student retention.

TTA’s vision is to redefine education and build a system that effectively delivers education to children in a fun, engaging way to meet their learning and entertainment needs and replace video games and netflix with learning. Through our highly engaging classroom environment we emphasize on quality learning experience and maximize student attention. TTA aims at revolutionizing education for children worldwide to make learning fun and engaging through gamification. TTA has a community of 300 kids and more than 100 alumni all over the world. So far we have impacted 1000 kids through different programs! Our futuristic education programs equip children with skills relevant to the 4th industrial revolution that they need to thrive in an increasingly demanding job world.

How will we
help your child?

TTA equips children with relevant skills for the 4th industrial revolution to prepare them to get ahead in the future. TTA provides a holistic environment perfect for learning and development.

TTA’s programs will add great value to the student’s profile in university applications. Our specialized Alternate education program caters to educational needs of a child outside of the traditional educational setting.

At TTA we encourage good learning behavior and self motivation to learn which facilitates the learning experience for children. The community provides access to networking opportunities and helps to connect with like minded peers. Students can make friends from all over the world through our global community.

Students receive hands-on professional experience by working on different impactful projects and apply the learnings in real life.


What is unique about TTA: Learning with fun!

TTA’s Gamified classrooms revolutionizes the regular class-room model for a more intuitive way of learning. Based around the concept of video games and the way it encourages players, gamified teaching methods produce excellent results even in ‘hard’ topics.

TTA’s Next gen classroom model is inspired by fun elements of games and sports. Instead of one teacher, there is one Voice Artist, one Class Coordinator and one Expert to deliver the lessons. We ensure continuous progress and fast learning through leveled learning and small challenges. The gamification tools used in our classroom & server include Live leaderboard, points, storytelling, rapid feedback, challenges etc.

” We encourage Co-opetition
that is a mix of collaboration &
competition among students to
motivate them to learn. ”


TTA does not only offer classes but also many other services that help students develop problem solving, analytical and cognitive skills.

  • live leaderboard
  • small challenges
  • one on one counseling
  • instant feedback
  • quizzes
  • competitive showcase
  • help students stay motivateto learn more
  • We provide access to hardware tools and other resources at our lab
  • our students can avail value added services such as mentorship
  • performance report
  • opportunity to work with professionals
  • college application support
  • portfolio building
  • international tournament & conference.
  • Intership

We have received positive reviews from the enthusiastic learners of the academy. 98% of students said they like what they learn at TTA. 86% said they find the topics they learn in TTA to be interesting..90% think the skills learnt at TTA will be helpful for their future. 83% said they want the grade system to be gamified like TTA.

Feedbacks from Our Students

Topics We Offer:

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), Visual Effects (VFX), and 3D Motion Graphics using Blender.

Game Development
Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), Visual Effects (VFX), and 3D Motion Graphics using Blender.

Software & Hardware Tools, Electronics, Mechanics, and many more.


VR development

Students will create virtual worlds with 3D models to be experienced in Quest with Human Centric Designs. The grammar of these worlds will be the Godot and Blender of TTA’s longstanding classes. TTA students will learn how to develop VR apps, make VR games, and create educational applications. But even more importantly than any of those specifics, TTA’s VR LAB WILL BE THE PLATFORM.

ASP Game

ASP Game development program will include concrete technical skills like: Physical design , 3D printing, Craft work, CnC machine cutting , Product testing .we will develop crucial cognitive skills that students will carry with them into their schooling, careers, lives, and into addressing the challenges of a fast-paced, ever changing world

Our programs aim at preparing children for their future career and enable them to learn skills of the future.

TTA’s The Blue School program focuses on teaching children entrepreneurship to build future entrepreneurs.

We have different advanced projects including Dhaka Game studio, project unlearn, Bhai Thamen, Project Ommi that students can directly work in and learn from professionals.



Team Bangladesh consisting of students from TTA won FGC 2020, the biggest global robotics competition for high school students. They ranked number one among 174 participating countries

Video Link For FGC

CRAFT Design Thinking Hackathon

TTA students representing Bangladesh have won CRAFT Design Thinking Hackathon 2021 competing against 27 international teams.. They won the award in the category of Creativity and Innovation with most creative and innovative product design.

Video Link For CRAFT Design Thinking Hackathon


Our students have given speech in TedX events which received a lot of appreciation in 2014. The 9 year old student was one of the youngest TEDx speakers and one of the youngest web developers.

Video Link For TedX

Dhaka Game Studio

The young entrepreneurs at TTA built a Dhaka game studio that was selected in the top 4 of BYLC Ventures. Dhaka Game Studio was founded by one of our students from Game Development class where they made a video game on Dhaka.

Video Link For Dhaka Game Studio

Wateraid Movies

TTA students get many opportunities to work in professional projects for our clients. Animation students have made 4 animation movies for Wateraid.

Video Link For Wateraid Movies

Children Teaching Adults

Children at TTA not only learn but also apply their learnings in real life. The children teaching adults program allows children to teach adults what they learn at TTA. So far they have taught more than 15 adults.

Video Link For Children Teaching Adults