Game Development

Skills Gained in this Program

Logical Thinking
Programming Skills
Math Skills

We made a Game that Worked!

Step 1

Game World

Make the game environment from 2D images

Step 2

Animate Player

Making Animations for the player and enemies in the game for movement , jumping and other motions.

Step 3

Coding Physics

Students will learn how to code the players, enemies and general physics of the game

Step 4

Level Design

Students will be making their one level game into multiple levels, each level getting harder.

Step 5


Students will add background music and other sound effects to make their game more finished

Step 6

Building GUI

Students will learn the user interface of Godot in-depth to understand all the available features and assets.

Seats Allocated Fees
4000/- BDT

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Communicators and Experts collaborate to teach

Tech experts tend not to be the best at communication,to get around that boundary and make sure the knowledge is transferred properly Our innovative classroom experience is centred around a partnership between a tech expert and a communication expert working in tandem to provide the best possible learning environment.

Project based learning- (Replacing traditional lesson based teaching)

Our classroom revolves around the students, focused on helping them excel.After conducting research we have come to conclude that the best method of learning is a top-down approach in project based work.Our students are not focused on the grades, but on getting the work done.Which is something we find very positive .

Teaching through challenges

A good learning experience is pivotal to a child’s growth.To ensure that our students comprehend the subject matter properly we teach and test them via in-class challenges as opposed to exams . This makes sure they will be ready for the real-life situations and challenges they will face.Our current classroom model is based on ageing ideas and teaching methods.Leaving an education system which leaves students unequipped.

Gamified Scoring system- Scores not grades

Children like scoring points ie when they play computer games,because it has a consistent reward based system as opposed to a penalty based one which is used by schools. Our gamified approach has proven to resonate more with children and help them grow. This makes sure they will be ready for the real-life situations and challenges they will face.