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Happens Everyday in Tech Academy.

The Tech Academy is a social enterprise that provides computer programming, electronics and robotics education to children and teenagers of Dhaka and Chittagong. The Tech Academy was founded in 2015 by Shams Jaber but the initiative dates back to 2013 when Shams with some of his friends started the first program in Bangladesh to teach robotics to children institutionally.


Over the past years, we developed a fascinating class-room model by replacing regular classrooms with a gamified experience. Backing our school is a technology firm where we sell innovations designed by students at the Academy to real life clients and users. We are now providing our services directly to schools, and helping them develop and include technology into their curriculums.


We put a lot of focus on cx.Completing each & every step


Quantifying skill development & personal development


Students & Parents can track the progress through our portal


Basic economics & trading practices with intuitive learning


Students & Parents can track the progress through our portal

Our Achievements

Two of our students presenting at TEDx Dhaka.

  • FGC 2017,2018,2019
  • Teach robotics in bandarban and other under-privileged areas
  • Collabs with multiple NGOs to teach
  • 250+ academy grads
  • 1000+ kids interacted with via workshops & events
  • Students have been speakers at multiple TEDx and university events
  • Workshops where children teach adults

What Happens in TTA

Futuristic technology education

Our main goal is to help in the advancement of society and to do our part at our academy we teach  subjects that are “futuristic”/on the rise. These are upcoming interests that are projected to have high-value in Bangladesh in the upcoming years.

Project based Learning

Our classroom revolves around the students, focused on helping them excel.After conducting research  we have come to conclude that the best method of learning is a top-down approach in project based work.

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Teaching through challenges

Teaching through open source tools

Kids teaching adults High tech skills

Gamified Scoring system