How The Tech Academy is Changing The Education System Through Gamification

The world is changing, and we all need to cope up with the change to survive, especially children. Kids are the future of a nation, and with proper education and training, they can change the whole world for good.

But, unfortunately, our education system isn’t as supportive as it should be. Kids have been pushed to go to schools, memorize the notes, and achieve a result that doesn’t always help them to become successful as they grow up. It’s a pattern: ask a 6th-grade student 5th-grade content or a 4th-grade student 3rd Grade content? They can hardly even remember what they learned for the last exam. Least be able to use their learning to solve practical problems in their lives. 

So, what will you do? Just sit and watch your kid getting drained by this somehow unrealistic learning process? Why don’t you opt for something futuristic that your kid may love to learn?

If your child loves to play games or shows interest in animations and robots, imagine how fun and effective it would be if those games and robots are developed by them. 

You might be wondering if there are such institutions that can help your child with innovative learning. The Tech Academy has got you covered.

An Introduction to The Tech Academy


As the pioneer organization for robotics and game development for children in Bangladesh, The Tech Academy (TTA) started its journey back in 2013. Since then, it has been teaching children of 8-14 years old to develop their skills and creativity through robotics, game development, and animation.

In the beginning, TTA only taught robotics to children, then they started to teach game development through programming and finally through a game engine. Right now, kids can learn robotics, game development, programming, and 3D animation based on their preference all using open source technology.

For the last eight years, TTA has been teaching the children through gamification, helping the kids to get in-depth knowledge with fun. Now, kids from this academy can develop their own video games, build their own IoT enabled device, animated film, and much more.

So, you must be interested in the tools the teachers are using to teach such amazing things. So, let’s get a brief idea.

  • Arduino for Robotics: For robotics, they are using Arduino, an open-source prototyping platform that helps users to build hardware electronics devices, gadgets, and robots using its microcontroller kits. 
  • Godot Engine for Game Development: Another free and open-source game engine that you can use to develop different types of 2D and 3D games. It’s quite easy to use, and kids are creating amazing games using this tool.
  • Processing IDE for Programming: An incredible and futuristic tool that merges the visual literacy and programming in one platform. Compared to other programming languages, it’s extremely flexible and has made learning programming a lot easier, fun, and visual.
  • Blender for 3D Animation: this is currently one of the best tools for 3D animation, VFX and CGI. This amazing open-source suite has made animation quite easy and affordable. Starting from students to popular animators, many are switching to Blender due to its capability and user-friendliness.

Why You Should Choose TTA for Your Child

You must be wondering why you should admit your child to The Tech Academy while there are so many institutions these days teaching technology. First of all, TTA is the pioneer of gamifying education while the other institutions just started to teach children, considering it as a profitable business. They don’t teach kids to make money, but they make money to teach more kids and improve the learning process. They have been here in this business longer than anyone has, long before this was even considered as a business venture but a passion project. So, you can easily understand which one would be the best option for your child. Besides, some other reasons have made The Tech Academy a reliable choice among the parents and the kids.

Challenge Based System

Traditional education is not necessarily helping your child be ready for the real-life challenges they’ll face in the future. Instructors in TTA know that pretty well; hence, they follow an interactive challenge-based system. Instead of going for exams periodically, students have to solve some well-planned challenges every day in class through the skills they learn at TTA. Once they are successful in solving a problem, they become inspired to solve more.

Coopetition and Playfulness

In TTA, there is no penalty based grading system as traditional schools do. They do not shame or demean any child if they are slow at learning something. Instead, they follow a scoring system that offers consistent rewards for progress. A healthy mix between competition and cooperation, just like the online games students are used to playing. While there’s no penalty system and no competition, children with the highest scores are featured in a leaderboard that works as an inspiration to do better in the future. All while allowing each kid in a personalized tracking system to compete against their version of self from yesterday, trying to be better every day. We realize that everyone is running on their own track.

Supports Teamwork and Skill Exchange

Unlike schools, students, and teachers in The Tech Academy supports cooperation. They introduced a unique currency called TTA cards. When someone helps a peer with a project or a problem, they can get a particular card worth points from that member, which is an incredible way to teach children teamwork and economics. Most parents are looking for institutions these days that can provide a futuristic education to help their children learn while having fun. Although there are a few institutions that are now teaching robotics, programming, and game development, they are using closed source software that is not futuristic. Teaching using traditional methodologies to our knowledge. On the other hand, TTA is using open-source tools that are easy to learn and have great value in the future. All while the learning process is fun, interactive, and gamified. 

So what are you waiting for? Become a part of the education revolution.

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