Our Services

We do More, than just taking courses

Tech academy provides specific services for Parents, Schools or, for any other interested parties who are willing to work with us in professional terms.  

For Parents

You will send your kids to us not to just learn a few Techs, Your kids will GROW in here. You have No reason to miss this opportunity. We offer Robotics, Animation, Game Development courses that are gamified and designed to enhance Your kids ability to learn, think and grow to become the better version of themselves.

For Schools

TTA has been treading an unconventional path while trying to prepare our children. We developed a fascinating class-room model by replacing regular classrooms with a gamified experience. The Schools can take advantage of what we have alreday accomplished and implement them in their own institutions us.

For Clients

We have an able team who can take on challenges and projects that are quite complex. Over the Years we have been tasked with various projects for commercial purposes and been sucessful in completing those projects. If an instituion has an interest to work with us on ajy of projects, we are ready to take on the Challange.

Their Words. Watch

if you are interested. Please contact us. We will Talk.