FGC 2020

The Champions

Consisted of 10 young, enthusiastic teenagers with 4 mentors Team Bangladesh formed at The Tech Academy snatched their victory in First Global Challenge 2020. 

The journey wasn’t easy and yet it was worth it and Team Bangladesh has proved it by winning the competition. 

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2017, The start

It all started in 2017 with the inception of the FIRST Global Challenge. A team from the tech academy was formed, becoming one of the first 5 countries to register out of the 164 set to participate that year.

The stage was set in Washington DC for the world’s largest Olympics style robotics competition for high school students.

The arena housed people from so many nations, so many cultures it paved the way for friendships, collaboration, professionalism. it was truly magical and you could hear it in the voices of the hundreds gathered there and in the robots. It didn’t end very well for us but  we didn’t leave empty handed. We packed with us the knowledge and experience to come back stronger next time. 

2018, back again

Up comes 2018. We found ourselves in Mexico city after days and nights spent building the robot at home. As part of the 14 Grand Challenges our robots had to complete specific tasks such as collecting and dropping objects, it varies with each season. Every team gets an alliance – a different one for each match. In a nutshell fgc is robo-sports. We hoped to do better this time but it seemed that we were not quite there yet.

2019, journey continues

Dubai 2019 – its international circumference reached 189 countries. We went in with passion and excitement – after all it was always about more than just the robot. We worked our way up even through low resources and funding. From opening our kits provided by FIRST to building and programming it – the robot became all that we represented. In Dubai, we won the first match, lost the second, won the third match, then the 4th then the 5th ,6th 7th – we won match after match all the way until quarter finals being ranked number 7– a big winning streak and a big leap. 

2020, The Victory!

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